Is your house ready for a Christmas full of family and guests?

With Christmas just around the corner, many households will play host to hordes of family members descending from all over the world for the festivities that lie ahead. If this scene sounds familiar, you’re probably already starting to get things ready for their arrival – getting those final online shops booked in, checking your list (and checking it twice!) to make sure you’ve got all those Christmas gifts lined up and of course, sorting out a clean, comfortable and welcoming space for them all to lay their weary heads once the fun-filled days are played out.

Setting up the perfect guest room is, in our minds, a work of art. One which has the potential to fill family and friends with Christmas spirit and lend to the overall enjoyment and relaxation of the holiday season. But aside from popping fresh sheets on the beds and giving carpets a once over with the hoover, what else can you do this year to give your guests a truly delightful stay?

Here, we’ve put together our top tips on how to prepare a guest bedroom for your loved ones that will take their visit to new, wonderful heights!

Set the scene

Getting Christmassy is easy with a little thoughtful décor and lighting and for guests arriving after a long journey, having a cosy corner all to themselves is such a gift.

Decorating your guest rooms doesn’t have to be an expensive venture – in fact, some of our favourite decorations come straight from nature, meaning they’re free and eco-friendly too!

Fill a vase with seasonal foliage, like sprigs of holly, rosehips and firs. Light some candles for their arrival (or string up some fairy lights if you have any going spare) and don’t forget the evocative power of scent! An oil burner or diffuser with a few drops of cinnamon, vanilla and nutmeg will make the most delicious Christmas cookie aroma.

Keep bed linens fragrant for longer

Getting into a fresh bed is such a wonderful feeling and something we all like to have prepared for our guests. But if by the time you’re putting new sheets on you notice that your linens are smelling a little fusty, getting that hotel-esque vibe for your beds can seem out of reach. However, there are a few things you can do do ensure that your bed sheets keep that just-washed scent and feeling.

After washing, hang your bed linens out to dry immediately. If they can get an airing outside, even better.

Ensure that the sheets are completely bone dry before folding up and putting away. And when you do put away, try not to over pack the cupboard.

Keep naturally scented sachets in your linen closet. You can make your own by cutting a 4-inch piece of thin cotton, placing a piece of dried lavender and cedar in the centre, twisting up and tying with string.

Clean without chemicals

One thing that definitely does not evoke the festive spirit is the stink of chemical cleaning products! The toxic ingredients found in your average window cleaner, furniture polish and floor cleaners (among others) fill the air in an instant thanks to all the VOCs.

However, you will undoubtedly want to give your guest rooms a bit of a scrub down before friends and family get there. Fortunately, our TINCTURE range fuelled by essential oils, plant based actives and botanical extracts that will do the job and then some – all with a deeply soothing aromatherapy scent that lingers behind.

Create a ‘scentered’ space

After cleaning with the TINCTURE range, our wonderful signature scents will linger, offering the therapeutic benefits of the aromatherapy blends. Many of our loyal customers describe the 100% natural fragrance as ‘spa-like’, so this may be all you need to scent your guest bedrooms for a soothing environment. If you would like to create your own blends to use in a diffuser, consider festive essential oils such as orange, clove and cinnamon which all work to spark joy and comfort.