Award winning 100% natural cleaning and lifestyle products made with essential oils & botanical extracts

Detoxify your home with dermatologically tested products to leave you feeling uplifted, restored and in love with your home. Escape the harms of modern day pollutants and keep your home safe for even the tiniest of hands and feet with baby and pet safe cleaning products.

Harsh chemicals found in many household cleaners can affect your loved ones’ skin, airways and eyes. Our organic, eco-friendly, chemical-free cleaning can give you peace of mind that they are safe from toxins in your home.

In line with our zero waste ambition, we have made our white bottle safe for endless refill, thanks to the inclusion of silver technology which makes our bottle antimicrobial, to allow a safe and hygienic reuse.

Which is why our anti-microbial cleaning bottles can also be topped up with our glass  Refills – reducing single-use plastic.

Our travel mini range is made out of 100% recycled plastic and allows our consumers to enjoy toxin-free products on all their journeys.

Our Ingredients

Care has gone into every single ingredient you'll find in our bottles.

All ingredients are vegan & cruelty-free and as pet lovers we are strictly against animal testing of any kind.             
100% natural cleaning, made with pure essential oils and botanical extracts, free from toxic chemicals and artificial fragrances. 

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Powerful Natural Cleaning Action

Why to unleash a chemical warfare in your home when nature provides powerful solutions,

Most eco-friendly cleaning products contain ingredients that are safe for the planet, but not for the health of your family. As a brand created by mothers and pet lovers, TINCTURE does not compromise by including harmful or toxic chemicals.

Inspired by ancient monastic wisdom, our formulations are 100% natural, made with plant based actives, pure essential oils and botanical extracts. This creates a powerful cleaning formula which leaves stone, wood, metal, glass, silver, laminate and all other surfaces in your home beautifully clean.



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