Orders and Shipping

Where do you ship?

We currently only ship to addresses in the UK.

Is VAT included in the price of my purchase?

VAT is included in all UK orders. Prices are in GBP.

What are the shipping rates?

Our standard shipping service is 48 hour tracked and signed for. Delivery on weekdays only. All orders received after 11am will be sent the next working day.
Post and Packing for orders up to two products: £4.95
Post and Packing for orders over three products: £6.95

Will I need to sign for the delivery of my order?

All orders are sent tracked and a signature will be required to take delivery of your order.

When can I expect to receive my order?

We aim to process all orders within 24hours of receipt of orders and will make every effort to send out orders received by 11am on the same day on a 48 hour delivery service, orders received after this time will be sent out on the next working day.

The delivery services we use usually only deliver Monday - Friday, so orders sent on Thursday please expect delivery on Monday.

Orders are dispatched Monday - Friday by 4pm.

What do I do if my order does not arrive?

Should you have difficulties receiving your order, please contact our customer service team with your order number at contact@tincturelondon.com and a member of our team will be happy to assist you.

Products and Ingredients

Are TINCTURE products safe to use during pregnancy? 

To our knowledge there is no risk assoiciated with using any of the TINCTURE products during pregnancy. Please follow our recomneded directions for use that can be found on the product page or on the back of the bottle. We recommend that you seek advice from your medical practioner, obstetrician or dermatologist should you have any concerns regarding your circumstances.

Do TINCTURE products have an expiry date?

Our products are 100% natural and contain a natural food grade preservative. For best results we recommend that the products are used within 18months. Colour may vary and chnage over time.

What is in the TINCTURE blend of 100% natural and essential oils?

The TINCTURE blend is a unique recipe of 100% natural and essential oils that have been included for their active properties to aid performance but also to enhance our wellbeing. The active constituents of the oils are listed on the back of the bottle and more information can be found on our ingredients page.

Why do some products show a warning sign?

All our products have been formulated and developed to ensure only 100% natural ingredients have been used without compromising on performance.
Due to the inclusion of real essential oils we have to adhere to strict labelling regulations are per Regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008 (CLP) and Detergent Regulaiton (EC) No. 648/2004. These rules are far more stringent for products containing natural oils than those containing synthetic ingredients. For more information please refer to the precautions and safety link on each product page.

Can I use TINCTURE if I have sensitive skin?

All our products contain chamomile and millefolium to help sooth and nourish hands. Our all purpsoe TINCTURE, washing up TINCTURE and bathroom TINCTURE have all passed dermatologocial testing and are safe for skin. Sensitive skin can be unpredicatbale. If you have experienced a reaction from using TINCTURE we recommend you stop using immediatley for one week to allow skin to recover. If you are concerned or skin reactions and symptoms persisit we recommend you seek adive from your medical practioner or dermatologist.

What do I do if I have an adverse reaction to a TINCTURE product? 

Sensitive skin can be unpredicatbale. If you have experienced a reaction from using TINCTURE we recommend you stop using immediatley for one week to allow skin to recover. If you are concerned or skin reactions and symptoms persisit we recommend you seek adive from your medical practioner or dermatologist.

What is active silver?

Silver has been used for hundereds of years as a way of preserving freshness for example, in ancient times water was kept in silver jugs. Extensive research has found that silver has many other benefits, not only as a natural preservative but also as an antimicrobial agent. Silver is commonly used in the medical sector to stop the spread of bacteria and disease without causing resistant strains.
Silver works by interfering with the metabolism of the bacteria and so preventing reproduction and growth.
TINCTURE uses silver in both the formulations and the bottle material to ensure the packaging can be reused safely as well as remaining bacteria free at all times.

How should I store my products?

TINCTURE contains 100% natural and essential oils that are degraded when exposed to UV light, this is why the TINCTURE bottle is white to protect the blends. We recommend storing the products out of direct sunlight.

Are TINCTURE products suitable for vegans?

The only product that is not suitable to be used by vagans is our Furniture TINCTURE that contains sustainably sourced beeswax. All other products are 100% natural, plant based and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Our Promise

Are TINCTURE products tested on animals?

TINCTURE does not condone the use of animal testing for any of its products. We are committed to acting in a responsible and accountable manner and do not commisson any third parties to test our products on animals on our behalf. All products and ingredients are reviewed prior to use to ensure that the suppliers of the ingredients have also not conducted animal testing.

How are they 100% natural?

The ingredients are sourced from sustainable plant based sources such as coconut, vegetables, natural sugars and olive. The products are inspired by monastic herbal remedies using herbs and plants for medicinal purposes of healing and cleansing.
No perfume has been added, the smell of each product is derived from the complex blend of essential oils and botanical extracts, specific to the product and its purpose.

Does TINCTURE use palm oil?

No products in the TINCTURE range contain palm oil.

What packaging does TINCTURE use?

The TINCTURE bottles are made from PP plastic containing silver to ensure the bottle material stays bacteria free at all times and so making it safe for multi-use. The bottle is also fully recyclable.
The sleeves on the bottles are made from FSC certified paper and registered with the World Land Trust where the emissions are offset by the purchase and preservation of endagered areas and natural rainforest.

Online Accounts

What will I receive if I subscribe to the newsletter?

Our newsletter will keep you up to date with all things TINCTURE. You will be the first to receive infomration about new products as well as any competions and voucher codes we may offer.
TINCTURE does not share details with third parties and will only be used by TINCTURE to communicate with you directly.

Do I need a TINCTURE account to place an order?

You do not need to have an account to place an order with us. However, by creating an account it will allow you to move more swiftly through the checkout process. We do not share any information with any third parties.

How do I reset my password?

You can reset yout password by clicking the 'Forgotten Password" in the log in section and follow the steps.

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