Over 5,000 nautical miles of clean air and counting...

Clipper Round The World Race 2019-2020

Each boat will use over 200L of cleaning products that will directly enter the seas.

Supporting over 40,000 nautical miles of continuous clean air. Breath Clean.

Indoor air is on average x5 times more polluted than the air directly outside.

Facing extreme conditions both outside and inside: A crew of 22 live on a 70ft yacht in cramped, enclosed environments where temperatures in the cabins can rise to 40 degrees completely sealed from the outside elements. Anything sprayed in the cabin will stay there...

An Adventure of a Lifetime

On the 1st September 2019 eleven 70-foot yachts each manned with 22 people set sail from St. Katherine’s Docks, London. Their mission? To undertake one of the world’s greatest tests of endurance – The Clipper Race. A 40,000 nautical mile race around the world in the face of Mother Nature’s harshest elements.

On Board GotoBermuda

The GotoBermuda Clipper Race yacht, with TINCTURE team mate Andrew Cowen and a full range of our natural cleaning products on board, isn’t the only boat to have set sail with a purpose in recent weeks. Climate activist 16-year-old Greta Thunberg is making waves around the world with her impassioned speeches and virtuous pursuits in a bid to encourage us all to take action for the planet.

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