Day 12

The GotoBermuda Clipper Race yacht, with TINCTURE team mate Andrew Cowen and a full range of our natural cleaning products on board, isn’t the only boat to have set sail with a purpose in recent weeks. Climate activist 16-year-old Greta Thunberg is making waves around the world with her impassioned speeches and virtuous pursuits in a bid to encourage us all to take action for the planet. And she’s making her way from country to country on the zero-carbon Malizia II racing yacht, skippered by Pierre Casiraghi, the son of Princess Caroline of Monaco, and the German round-the-world sailor Boris Herrmann!

This inspirational young woman and her mission to spread the word about the current climate crisis is something that strikes at the heart of all that we do here at TINCTURE. And, with her eco-friendly traveling preference for sailing, even more so with what we’re getting up to alongside the round-the-world Clipper Race.

When we offered to support Andrew on this exciting adventure and supply the GotoBermuda team with enough TINCTURE aquatic-safe cleaning products to last them for their trip, we did so with a goal in mind. To both reduce emissions and eliminate the need to dispose of toxic cleaning waste into the ocean, and also prove to everyone that natural can stand up to the test. And the Clipper Race is one heck of a test! 

On day 12 of race 2, 27th September 2019, all yachts were deep into the Doldrums Corridor - a broad belt of low pressure and weak pressure gradients, towards which the trade wind air streams of the Northern and Southern hemispheres flow. Because of this varying pressure, weather is changeable and unpredictable, ranging from light or calm winds to with squalls and thundery showers, all in a day’s work! The teams found themselves in the midst of hot, humid and very rainy tropical weather.

Seattle Skipper Ben Keitch reports: “We've had a bit of everything since yesterday. Swirly squalls that send our Windex spinning 360 degrees. No wind. Then wind from every quarter. First nothing, then 6 knots, then 16, then 22 knots! Then rain, reducing our world to nothing more than a white mass of sea just visible at the end of the bow, and driving icy particles in our faces.”

But being faced with adverse weather conditions doesn’t present an opportunity to sit back until everything has settled down. In fact, it offers a chance to get chores done during a slow-motor sail. In this particularly humid weather, a thorough clean and staying of top of essential maintenance is a must.

Unlike on board the Seattle, who had their chemical Windex to hand, crew on board GotoBermuda were swabbing the decks and giving their all to keeping things fresh and hygienic with TINCTURE. Fortunately, loaded with brilliant botanicals, essential oils and even active silver the team were well kitted out to tackle it all, without causing harm to themselves or the planet.

“This is not champagne cruise – it’s hard work!” says soon-to-be GotoBermuda member Andrew Cowan 

“Everything is done by crew including maintenance, training, and preparing and cooking food on board. All in a very cramped environment. Because of this it’s is vital to keep things as clean as possible, but spraying bleach and other high VOC chemicals in air would terrible for the overall atmosphere to live, sleep and cook in”.

In stark contrast to the chemical products which often wrongly thought to be the only ‘hard-hitters’ against germs, TINCTURE 100% natural products are not only safe to use, but pleasant and highly effective. And possibly even beneficial. The aromatherapy benefits of the TINCTURE range will have helped to keep the GotoBermuda crew’s wellbeing balanced and emotions calm during the tropical storms of the past couple of weeks. And keeping a level head when seas get rough will make all the difference to the efficacy and efficiency of the team, not to mention the overall mood.

Check back on our Clipper Race blog next week to explore how the aromatherapy scents of TINCTURE is helping the GotoBermuda crew speed ahead, and how it can also benefit you at home.