Tincture Angels

Earn points as you clean

How to earn

We're making switching to all natural cleaning more exciting!

Earn more Angel Points as you spend, and spend them for free gifts,

shipping and exclusive Angel only offers!


Start your journey to a healthy,

happy and clean home.

20 Angel Points


Earn with every purchase, from your

starter-set to recylable refills.

£1 spent = 1 Angel Point


Give your friends rewards

and claim your own.

30 Angel Points


Share a video of your

TINCTURE clean home!

20 Angel Points


A birthday gift from us

to help you celebrate.

20 Angel Points


Leave a review on a product page.

(Can be used twice).

20 Angel Points

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Sharing's caring

Refer your friends to give them a reward (and a happy home)

and claim your own benefit when they make a purchase!

Their reward:

Give A Friend 20% Off!

Your reward:

Earn 30 Angel Points!

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Your Angel rewards

30% off 5L bundle

1 Angel Points

10% off

10 Angel Points

Free Mini Washing Up

20 Angel Points

Free Mini All Purpose

20 Angel Points

Free Shipping

45 Angel Points

Free Starter Set

250 Angel Points

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