Sun Salutation

Where ever you are in the world, whatever you’re doing at this unusual time, there’s one thing we all have in common – the need to take care of ourselves. Physically, to keep our bodies strong and healthy. Emotionally and spiritually, to come to terms with and still thrive is what is arguably the greatest challenge many of us have faced in our entire lives.

There are a number of ways to take on this vital holistic self-care, but one of the favourite practices to adopt, by far, is yoga.

Used for thousands of years and spanning many cultures across the globe, yoga has many studied and anecdotal benefits. From working out your muscles, even when you’re trapped inside, to easing even the most acute anxiety with deep breath-work and a providing feeling of oneness as you work your way through the poses. And perhaps the most wonderful thing? You can be a complete newbie and still reap the rewards.

In yoga, you’ll quickly discover what a powerful tool your body really is and the more you recognise that, the more strength you’ll find to overcome even the most difficult situations. Your yoga routine doesn’t have to be fancy, even something as simple as a starter sun salutation is all you need to get going. Pair that with a spritz of the new TINCTURE yoga mat spray (to keep your mat clean at all times), bursting with calm-inducing essential oils to enhance performance as well as wellbeing, and you’ll be well on your way to the peace of mind you’ve been searching for. 

To get you going, here is how you can perform your own sun salutation, to welcome in the summer months as you mean to go on.

Sun Salutation

A Sun Salutation is easy to perform and comes with the added wellbeing benefits of released energy blockages, stretched and toned muscles and a wonderfully calm state of mind.

Start with your hands in a prayer position next to your heart and focus on your intention.

  • Mountain Pose

Inhale. Raise your arms out to the sides and move them up to the ceiling where you can join your palms together above your head. Gaze up towards the sky and enjoy the stretch.

  • Uttanasana to Flat Back

Exhale. Bring your arms back down to the floor in front of your toes (or onto your shins if that is more comfortable) in a fluid motion. Keep your back straight in a forward bend. Inhale and lift your head so that you’re looking at the ground.

  • Plank Pose

Exhale. Plant your palms on the floor and step or jump your feet back so that your body is fully lengthened out. Ensure that your shoulders are over your wrists and your bum remains in line. Inhale and hold.

  • Chaturanga Dandasana

Lower your body down slowly, first onto your knees, then chest, then chin. Keep your bum raised and elbows tucked in.

  • Cobra

Inhale. Rest your pelvis, legs and tops of your feet onto the floor. Keep your palms flat on the floor and lift your upper body so that you are looking forwards.

  • Downward Facing Dog

Exhale. Keep palms and soles of your feet on the floor and raise your bum right up into the air so your body makes an upside down V. Hold for a few breaths.

  • Finish the Sun Salutation

Exhale. Step forward and pause. Inhale. Move into the flat back position (2) again. Exhale as you raise your head to face forward. Inhale as you come into a standing position and exhale to finish, as you reach your arms up into the air for a final mountain pose (1).