TINCTURE TIPS: Seven days of Spring

The 1800’s tradition of a spring clean, originated from the days when homes were heated by open fires, the welcoming of spring presented an opportunity to freshen and air the home and clear it from winter dirt.

DAY ONE: Wipe surfaces

One of our most popular blends, use All Purpose TINCTURE to wipe surfaces and remove traces of dust and bacteria around the home.

Safe for use on all materials, including granite and marble, TINCTURE All Purpose is the non-toxic, eco-friendly alternative to bleach-based cleaning products which contain harsh chemicals.

DAY TWO: Wash the dishes

Remove dirt, grease and bacteria from all kitchen crockery and pans without the need for any harsh chemicals using TINCTURE’s natural non-toxic washing up liquid.

Dermatologically tested and kind to the skin, Washing Up TINCTURE is free from harsh chemicals and bleach, smells divine and leaves dishes gleaming.

TINCTURE Washing Up biodegrades naturally in water, so will not cause any harm to plant, animal or ocean life. TINCTURE customers can further reduce their plastic waste by topping up empty washing up bottles with the newly launched refill glass bottles.

100% natural blend including thyme, eucalyptus, cinnamon oils, chamomile extract and active silver.

DAY THREE: Bathroom

Relax and unwind in a chemical-free bathroom, thanks to Bathroom TINCTURE

Perfect for polishing sinks, toilets, baths, shower cubicles and everything in-between, Bathroom TINCTURE helps to remove grime and cut through limescale build-up without leaving a toxic cocktail on surfaces.

Made from 100% natural ingredients, including refreshing lemon oils and calming chamomile extract, TINCTURE Bathroom is eco and vegan friendly and unlike bleach cleaners, will naturally biodegrade in water to cause no harm to animals or ocean life.

DAY FOUR: Glass and Mirror

Sunshine can reveal hidden glass smears and stains, remove all traces with TINCTURE Glass and Mirror.

Infused with a natural toxin-free blend of fragrant clove, eucalyptus, thyme oils, chamomile extract and active antimicrobial silver to deliver an instant streak-free brilliance to glass and mirrored surfaces.

DAY FIVE: Floor Concentrate

Add a few drops of TINCTURE Floor Concentrate to your floor steamer to leave a botanical scent in every room.

TINCTURE’s vegan-friendly, natural floor cleaning fluid is perfect for wood, stone, laminate, tiles and all other types of hard flooring. You only need to use a few drops per bucket full of water. A little Floor Concentrate goes a long way!

The award-winning floor cleaner has been infused with cedarwood, bergamot, geranium oils, chamomile extract and active antimicrobial silver for bacteria-free finish.

DAY SIX: Furniture  

DID YOU KNOW? Too much chemical cleaning can damage your furniture as the solvents eventually eat through the varnish.

Go green and protect your family and home with TINCTURE Furniture

With its 100% natural blend including pine, caraway, galbanum oils, chamomile extract and active silver, TINCTURE Furniture will leave the home smelling like a spa, for next level cleaning zen.


Keep the home spring clean fresh with a weekly cleaning routine and keep your TINCTURE supplies stocked with glass refill bottles.

TINCTURE, the UK’s only natural, toxin-free range of home cleaning products, made with active antimicrobial silver, now offers fully recyclable glass bottle refills.

When customers have emptied their signature white TINCTURE bottles, they can now fill them up from the new ultra-planet-friendly glass bottle refills - available via the TINCTURE website.

All TINCTURE packaging is already either biodegradable or fully recyclable, and the brand is resolutely committed to the preservation of the environment and oceans and the reduction of its own plastic output.

Editor’s notes

TINCTURE products are free from Palm Oil, Bisphenola, Phthalates, Parabens, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), Benzyl Alcohol.


TINCTURE Collection:

All Purpose TINCTURE; 475ml RRP £4.99

Washing Up TINCTURE; 475ml RRP £4.99

Bathroom TINCTURE; 475ml RRP £4.99

Glass Mirror Steel TINCTURE; 475ml RRP £4.99

Daily Floor TINCTURE; 475ml RRP £4.99

Floor Concentrate TINCTURE; 475ml RRP £6.99

Furniture TINCTURE; 475ml RRP £7.99

TINCTURE refills; 475ml RRP £3.99