The Restory Journal - Creating TINCTURE

The Restory recently had the pleasure of speaking with Angelika Davenport, founder of TINCTURE, about her journey to remove toxin filled products from the home which led to the creation of TINCTURE. Beautifully packaged and fully recyclable, with ingredients rigorously researched, TINCTURE provides all you need to keep your home clean and a safe from toxic chemicals.

TINCTURE was started out of a pure passion. My eldest son, Freddie, had suffered with severe asthma from a very young age and I was increasingly concerned about the toxins and pollutants he exposed to, both outside and inside our home. During the worst periods, we would have to run an enormous Swiss air purifier day and night in his bedroom in a desperate attempt to aid his symptoms. Then, just as we were trying to manage Freddie’s asthma, my eldest daughter started to develop dermatological problems. This forced us to look much more closely at her wash routine and consider what chemicals she might be exposed to when showering, bathing etc. I wanted more than anything to protect my children in their own home and this is where my TINCTURE journey began.

As I started finding out more about the issue of toxins in the home, I came across a shocking body of research (UK and US EPA) which revealed that air in a typical home, school or workplace is, on average, two and a half times more polluted than the outside air. Researchers identified the main culprits being the volatile chemical compounds released by the chemically based household products such as cleaners, candles, diffusers, plug-ins and air fresheners. As I continued reading and learning, I began to realise just how enormous the impact household chemicals were potentially having on my family´s health and wellbeing.

I needed no further incentive to remove as many toxic products from my home as I possibly could. The more labels I read, the more I realised this was going to be harder than I’d anticipated. Toxic chemicals are everywhere, without most of us even realising. My cupboards finally cleared out, I set off to find a high-performance, natural, non-toxic cleaning range that was 100% free of nasties and totally safe. Wanting products that wouldn’t aggravate my children's conditions, I needed them to be safe for pets and smell great. Most of the natural alternatives I came across initially left my home smelling of vinegar and who wants that? I kept on researching and testing different products and soon discovered that the so-called “ECO” cleaners still contain substances which are only harmful to health and wellbeing but to the environment also.

I couldn’t find anything that was genuinely toxin-free, so I decided to create a range myself. The result is TINCTURE and I am deeply passionate about it. It is the only 100% natural and effective cleaning and lifestyle product collection in the UK, made with pure essential oils, botanical extracts and antimicrobial silver.

Tell us about how you test the ingredients?

We are very research driven  - the products need to work. Each formulation and every ingredient we use has been rigorously lab tested over several years. It has taken us a long time and a lot of perseverance to earn our 100% natural labelling and we are very proud of it.  I have been very lucky to work with some brilliant, experienced chemists who have helped make my dream a reality. TINCTURE product standards and quality controls are extremely high and at no point have we tested any of our products on animals, including fish (which some cleaning brands still do).

Where did the inspiration to use botanical ingredients come from?

The roots of modern medicine lie in botanicals. Plants have been a medicinal ingredient throughout history and medicinal plants; flowers, stems, leaves, roots etc have been used to treat various physical and emotional problems for thousands of years. The ancient knowledge: “The power of plants”, safeguarded and harnessed over thousands of years in ancient monasteries and cloister gardens, is what inspired us to capitalise on the powerful anti- fungal, antiviral and antimicrobial properties of plants.

What´s the best part of the whole process?

When you receive an e-mail from a grateful customer, telling you that TINCTURE is the first ECO cleaning range not to trigger an allergic reaction from their child. As a mother of children with allergies, I can relate to that so much. We had one from the mother of an eight-year-old little girl only recently. She also said it meant the world to her to use something with such a beautiful smell and not to have to clean with vinegar anymore. 

What is active silver and why is it important for your products?

Active Silver is a form of very high-quality Colloidal Silver. This totally natural solution is known for its extremely effective antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal properties. Silver has been widely used as a natural treatment throughout history, as far back as Ancient Greece, where they used a silver coin kept in a barrel of water to keep the water fresh. Today, Colloidal Silver is still commonly used in hospitals to help prevent infection and added to sticky plasters and wound dressings. It’s even added to the water systems of space shuttles! We believe TINCTURE to be the first cleaning company to use active silver in all formulations as a preservative and to enhance cleaning power. We also add it to our white Tincture bottles, so they are completely antimicrobial, inside and outside. Our formulations are protected from any fungal growth and the consumer is protected from passing on / or picking up any viruses / bacteria when touching the bottle. After all,  how often do you wash your cleaning bottle after your deep clean or have used it with your hands that have been exposed to raw chicken or everyday kitchen bacteria? 

What is your favourite product?

My favourite product is the ALL PURPOSE , as it is so versatile. If I was sent off to a “desert island” this is the one product I would take to clean and protect myself from bacteria.

What made you decide not to add fragrance to the products.

We work with 100% natural essential oils, which smell beautiful, so there’s no need for extra fragrance.  All our cleaning formulations include a special Tincture blend of fragrant oils, carefully selected and balanced in accordance with its duty and area of application: bathroom, floors, surfaces, windows etc. These high-quality oils smell divine and deep clean.

What has been your biggest achievement with Tincture so far?

Being picked up by John Lewis as a total start up was a big achievement for us. We had an exclusive one-year deal with them was simply amazing. But, truthfully, the incredible positive feedback from our customers is what really drives us. People are always telling us how much they love our products and support our mission to improve indoor air quality.

What is most important to you when creating a new product?

To listen to our customers and to ensure that the new product is made with 100% natural high-quality ingredients which perform well and are both safe for us, and kind to the planet we live on.

What´s next in store for Tincture?

Apart from working on some extensions of our core cleaning range, we have been busy developing a unique lifestyle range, which will include hand wash and hand lotion as well as room sprays and diffusers.  We want them to look and smell fantastic, but they’ll have the same serious job to do: namely shield the whole family from virus and bacteria, safely and ethically.