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  • Toxin-free ingredients
  • Dermatologically approved
  • Safe for indoor air quality

100% natural

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Antibac, anti-viral

Did you know?

...that the air inside a typical home is up to 5x more polluted than the air directly outside? And that we spend over 90% of our time indoors?

How healthy is your home?

Chemical residues from everyday products like household cleaners are one of the main causes for poor air quality in our homes.

Even so called ‘eco’ cleaners often contain ingredients that are known to have a potentially negative effect on your health and wellbeing.

Our solution
Tincture Naturals

If you’re new to natural cleaning, the TINCTURE Starter set contains everything you need to create a healthy, clean and safe home.


What's in the products?

All our products are made with active plant based ingredients, botanical extracts and pure essential oils that not only enhance the product performance through their antibacterial and antiviral properties but also promote our wellbeing and protect our indoor air.

What can I use the products for?

Our best selling Starter Set contains products that are safe to use on all materials including natural surfaces such as marble, granite, woods as well as glass, mirrors and steel. Our naturally formulated products are a safe, strong-performing, eco-friendly alternative to many other cleaning products that contain harsh, toxic chemicals such as bleach.

What makes Tincture unique?

Tincture is research driven with your health being at the core of our formulation design. We are on a mission to raise awareness on indoor air pollution and tackle it through products which do not contain chemicals known to have adverse effects on your health and the quality of your air. All our products are safe to be used around your entire family as well as your pets and will add a sense of calm and harmony to your home thanks to the herbal ingredients and essential oils.

What's Included:

Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser - WHO approved formulation to ensure your hands are clean and protected at all times. Kills 99.999% of bacteria and viruses, including enveloped viruses like Corona Virus

All Purpose –This antibacterial and antiviral spray which includes sage, thyme, cedarwood and eucalyptus oils is perfect for all surfaces in the home, including your baby’s highchair as this natural household cleaner is toxin free

Bathroom – Keep your bathroom safe for all the family with the knowledge that our bathroom cleaner kills 99.999% of bacteria through the power of plants, whilst keeping limescale and watermarks at bay. Blended with oils that include galbanum, caraway and lemon oils

Washing Up - Keep your glasses and crockery spotlessly clean and sparkling with our dermatologically approved washing up liquid, packed with thyme, eucalyptus, cinnamon oils and a soothing blend of organic chamomile and millefolium extracts

Floor Concentrate – This floor cleaner includes bergamot, cedarwood, geranium oils and have been formulated to be suitable for all floor surfaces including wood, stone and marble. Add a few drops to a bucket of warm water. A little goes a long way!

Glass Mirror and Steel – Formulated with clove, thyme and eucalyptus oils and plant based actives ensure a sparkling finish to all mirrored, glass and steel surfaces. We recommend using a bamboo cloth for a streak free finish - a little goes a long way

Mini Bathroom – perfect for keeping in your bag! Spray, and wipe away 99.999% of bacteria on the go!

Mini Glass Mirror and Steel – keep your glass, mirror and steel surfaces clean wherever you are. Ideal for your rearview mirror or phone screen! Use with a bamboo cloth for the best results.

Improved indoor air quality

Double the degreasing power

Kills 99.999% bacteria

Dermatologically tested

Antimicrobial packaging

100% natural

What is the secret behind Tincture Naturals?

Inspired by ancient monastic wisdom, derived from monastic herbal remedies, our formulations are 100% natural, made with plant-based actives, pure essential oils, and botanical extracts. This creates a powerful cleaning formula that leaves stone, wood, metal, glass, silver, laminate and all other surfaces in your home beautifully clean.

All ingredients are vegan & cruelty-free and as pet lovers we are strictly against animal testing of any kind.

For Enviromentalists

Have you ever wondered what effect all the toxic cleaning products are having on our water systems and aquatic life? We are passionate about the health of our planet and our oceans, so all our formulations have been tested to be safe for oceans and aquatic life.

We have also developed a Tincture “FOREVER” bottle made with antimicrobial silver technology to ensure the bottle remains bacteria free inside and outside at all times to safely refill it! All our packaging is either fully recycable, biodegradeable and/or made from 100% recycled materials.

Happy customers

Lovely product smells divine

Lovely product smells divine and safe to use around my 2 dogs i will 100% be purchasing this product again and would definitely recommend to friends and family.

Klaire W.

First time purchase!!

"I love these products. They don’t irritate my throat or my eyes or skin! They smell beautifully natural and clean to a high standard."

Kiren G.

Great product!

"Tried Tincture on a leap of faith and I love it. It works in a quiet dignified way, no fierce smells, bubbling or fizzing it just does what it needs to do. Everything is ultra clean and shiny. And my house smells like a spa!"

Michele F.

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Our starter set

Your Tincture Starter Set is waiting for you!


100% natural, made with essential oils, botanical extracts and plant based actives. Derived from monastic herbal remedies, these antibacterial, antiviral toxin-free cleaning products are eco-friendly and can be topped up with our refillables to help you reduce plastic waste.

  • Toxin free ingredients, safe to use around the entire family
  • Dermatologically approved to be gentle to skin
  • Packaging remains bacteria free at all times due to the inclusion of antimicrobial silver technology


+20,000 happy advocates

4,87 of 5 rating on average in 2019

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More happy customers:

"Great product! Looks lovely in my kitchen and smells incredible."

Vicky K.

"I love the TINCTURE sprays. I buy them as gifts for people and use them in my home and gym on the equipment as I don’t like the toxic cleaners and know these still clean everything properly and leave the place smelling wonderful."


“Thank you for such lovely products, my husband has only weeks to live so cleaning around him has been super important as to him not being chocked by pollutants, he likes the smell and so do!"