Bathroom REFILL Bundle


Reduce single use plastic with our NEW refill bundle sets.

What's included:

  • x1 TINCTURE antimicrobial, forever bottle and spray
  • x1 Bathroom TINCTURE concentrated refill (50ml)

Simply pour the contents of the Bathroom TINCTURE concentrated refill into the empty forever TINCTURE bottle and top up with water. Gently shake before using. 

Our Bathroom Cleaner is: 100% natural, removes germs, grime and limescale build up easily without the need for harsh chemicals which can be harmful to your skin and lungs and smell awful. 

Suitable for all bathroom surfaces including sinks, toilets, baths and shower cubicles. Kills 99.99% of all bacteria and viruses including enveloped viruses like coronaviruses.

Toxic Free Cleaning

Our award-winning cleaning and home products are 100% natural, non-toxic, antiviral, antibacterial, sustainably sourced, biodegradable and free from harmful toxic chemicals.

They smell amazing and work just as well, if not better, than chemically based alternatives which pollute the air in your homes and can be detrimental to your health and the health of your loved ones.