The ball is made from a very special wood called “Zirbe”, a high-altitude silver pine which grows in the Alps and has been used for its healing and therapeutic properties for centuries by the local Alpine communities.

The reason we have created this Zirbenball is for you to either place it on top of your water glass or water carafe which will not only keep your water fresh but furthermore the healing properties will be diffused in the room and also absorbed by the water which you can safely drink. Or just simply keep it close to you wherever you are!

Recent scientific studies have proven that Zirbenwood, which contains pinosylvin oil, reduces blood pressure and the number of heartbeats per night by approximately 3,500 strokes thus improving general well-being and even social interaction. If you keep some wood near your bed or even in your bed, your overall sleep will be improved, you will wake up more relaxed. Zirbenwood not only has a positive effect on our sleep but also on our cardiovascular system and resistance, lifts the mood and soothes the mind. Scientists have also proven that it is effective against allergies and has an antibacterial effect.

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