Tincture Baby Bundle

The Tincture Baby Bundle. A celebration of spring, new life, and the arrival of our first Tincture baby! Many of you will have come across the queen of serene Hannah, who has been with Tincture since almost day dot, and who has just bought into this world the most scrumptious little baby girl. With Hannah and new mamas in mind, we're super excited to launch our new Tincture Baby Bundle. 

Featuring our ultimate on-the-go Tincture essentials helping you keep clutter to a minimum when travelling with Baba, a delicious Iona Hand Wash to soothe and soften your skin, plus free delivery on us. 

Mini Bathroom 
Mini Antibac Hand Sanitiser
Mini All Purpose
Mini Washing Up 
Mini Drawstring 
Iona Hand Wash
Free Delivery 

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