1 in 11 children in the UK suffer with asthma

Poor indoor air quality is the cause for many who suffer with asthma. Today, millions of homes are unhealthy to live in and increase the risk of developing asthma by 40%.

The air inside our homes, workplace and schools is on average x5 times more polluted than directly outside.

93% of our children are breathing in air that contain higher levels of pollutants than deemed safe for human health.

We spend 90% of our times indoors in closed environments.

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How 'clean' is your air?

BBC - Business News. October 2019.

Estate agents have been urged to automatically disclose air pollution figures to home buyers. A non-for-profit website, addresspollution.org, has been created by the Central Office of Public Interest to disclose levels of nitrogen dioxide, with long term exposure to high concentrations of the gas having been linked to early deaths.

Humphrey Milles, its founder, said: "The data shows this isn't just something that you are exposed to on the road, this pollution is in the air in our homes..."

What 'bad' air is doing to us.

Recent research has found that millions of UK homes are unhealthy to live in and can increase the risk of developing asthma by 40%. In the UK today 1 in 11 children are receiving treatment for asthma.

Poor indoor air quality is the primary cause for many who suffer from asthma and allergies. Shockingly, children’s rooms generally have the highest level of toxins in the house.

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Where it all began:
Angelika's Story

It all started with a simple thought.

I was lying in the maternity ward of a London hospital. As I looked around me with this tiny, vulnerable baby in my arms, I saw the fantastic hospital staff moving around me; cleaning, sterilising.

But as they cleaned it wasn’t a fresh scent that hit me. It was noxious, strong, artificial. I thought to myself that these synthetic cleaners couldn’t be healthy for me, the small lungs of my newborn baby, the other patients or the staff. Frustratingly I couldn’t even open the windows to allow fresh air to come into the room as all windows were locked or could only be opened a tiny fraction for post-natal depression precautions!

Founder, Angelika Davenport explains how indoor air pollution directly effected her family and how TINCTURE came to be.