Biodiversity Bundlewith SUGi


Help us Build Biodiversity together in a tangible simple way!

Our partnership with SUGi means for every single Biodiversity Bundle bought, together we contribute a biodiversity building block to SUGi's 9 Key Elements of life. Healthy species, water, land & sea forests, plants, soil, and air, as well as the reduction in carbon footprint and positive social impact. 

Every pound invested boosts the yield of “the SUGi 9” and grows the interconnected benefits of a web of terrestrial and aquatic forests. That may sound complicated, but it’s really very simple. Think of it the way different coins add up to a single pound.

In real terms SUGi creates very special forests and are the only organisation focused on biodiversity building and rewilding in urban environments. They are on a mission to bring nature back into modern life and to do so in the most authentic, lyrical, delightful, and beautiful way possible. SUGi forests mirror ancient forests that heal the environment in many direct ways and they connect people to the vast potential of natural healing. All things that make our TINCTURE hearts sing and the reason why we are so happy to be building this unique partnership.

The first forest we are investing in is within a school in the UK - THE LUMIAR SCHOOL PROJECT - 16 motivated children, 440 native trees planted, 1 thriving Miyawaki Forest!

Your Biodiversity Bundle includes our best selling 100% natural, non toxic products and one of our refills, that you can order then individually to top up your white bottles.

What's Included: 

All Purpose TINCTURE 475ML 

Bathroom TINCTURE 475ML 

Washing Up TINCTURE 475ML 

Floor Concentrate TINCTURE 475ML 

Glass Mirror and Steel TINCTURE 475ML 

Furniture TINCTURE 475ML 

Refill - Bathroom TINCTURE 475ML

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