Pumpkin Season

We’re well and truly in the swing of autumn. A walk in the outside world allows us to feel the buzz of the turning seasons in our bones, hear the rustle of crisp leaves in the trees and underfoot and observe the wondrous colours that start to emerge. But that unique feeling, where somehow deep calm and excitement intertwine instils in us the human instinct to stop, is not the only thing to love about this time of year. Adults and children alike get to enjoy the fun and thrill of Halloween! And our favourite bit about this holiday? Pumpkins.

Those brightly coloured orbs have brought such joy to the world for an incredibly long time, not only by bringing out the creative side in us all (who doesn’t love carving pumpkins?!) but also for the abundance of Halloween pumpkin recipes and Roast pumpkin seed recipes. It’s easy to forget that pumpkins don’t just provide spooky decoration – they’re also a prime example of the nutritious (and delicious) seasonal produce you can get your hands on in October. Tying into our latest blog in our air pollution series, where we looked at the impact of industrial pollution, buying locally (and ideally organic) is one way you can help cut carbon emissions. But it’s not just the planet that benefits from you popping down to your local farmer’s market – this is also the best and healthiest way for you to enjoy nature’s bounty at any time of year!

Eco-Friendly Pumpkin Carving

Here at TINCTURE, we’re all about striking a balance between being eco-warriors and pleasure-seekers. Just as our 100% natural, non-toxic cleaning products will keep your home hygienic and gleaming, while giving off a spa-like aromatherapy scent for all to reap the benefits of, we believe that fun need not be hindered by striving to be eco-friendly – it’s just about finding the best of both worlds.

Our first point, about buying your organic pumpkins locally, is a good place to start. In doing so, you support local economy and take a stand against unnecessary food-miles and use of chemicals in the mass agricultural industry. But you also get the joy of ‘picking your own’ and choosing from a selection of quirky shapes, sizes and colours to play with.

Once you get your harvest home, you can start the pumpkin-carving fun! And when they’re ready to pop in your window or on your front doorstep, choose a natural wax candle to light them up to steer clear of nasty VOCs.

The afterlife of an eek-o-friendly carved pumpkin

The first step when carving a pumping is to scoop out the gloopy, stringy insides (appropriately gross and gory) but don’t ditch it! Set that mess aside so you can fish out the densely nutritious pumpkin seeds and try out some of our great pumpkin seed recipes we’ll be sharing with you next week. The stringy still makes fantastic natural compost, so you can stick that straight into the garden.

Speaking of recipes, there are an incredible amount of ways you can cook up the ‘meat’ of a pumpkin which we’ll also be sharing in next week’s blog. Think pumpkin pie, pumpkin lattes and even pumpkin skincare! You may wish to buy extra for your cooking though, as once pumpkins have been sat out and heated with a candle for a couple of weeks they’re not going to taste so good. Stick that in the compost too.

Finish up with child safe cleaning products

We all know that, when it comes to kids, making mess is all part of the fun. And pumpkin carving (and the ensuing pumpkin baking/stewing/brewing) sure is a mucky business.

Fortunately, TINCTURE is here to help with our baby safe cleaning products. Our starter set hosts a range of products (including our answer to a natural cobweb cleaner) without a trace of synthetic chemicals, bleach or harmful off-gassing that would somewhat mar this perfect example of pure, unadulterated merrymaking.

Despite being free from harsh chemicals, TINCTURE is still deeply effective, so cleaning up will be a breeze! Spritz down surfaces and dust away the cobwebs with our award-winning all-purpose cleaner, packed with a luxurious blend of sage, clove, thyme oils, chamomile extract and active silver for a natural anti-microbial cleaning formula.