Every July since 2011, the world has been moved and inspired to take steps towards a world free from plastic waste thanks to the Plastic Free Foundation’s ‘Plastic Free July’ campaign. Now perhaps more than ever we are all becoming increasingly aware of the harm plastics are causing our planet, the oceans and not to mention our own health and it’s up to all of us to make changes to move away from plastics entirely.

Of course the biggest change to the global plastic crisis will come from the biggest businesses and manufacturers choosing different materials, or at least using recycled plastic rather than producing more and more to top up our already overflowing landfills. But it’s on us to put the pressure on and demand that change. What we choose to spend our money on and what we choose to inform ourselves with can and will make an enormous difference. If we all say no to plastic and do our bit to reuse and recycle the plastic that’s already here, the industry will have to change or better still, come to a grinding halt.

Here at TINCTURE our white, antimicrobial bottles are safe for multi-usage and fully recyclable, while our mini travel sprays are made from 100% recycled plastic and fully recyclable.

What’s Plastic Free July all about?

Although Plastic Free July started as a small movement in Western Australia back in 2011 today it’s reached millions of supporters and participants worldwide. The aim? To show just how easy it can be to live a life without plastic waste.

The Plastic Free July vision is to create a more aware an eco-friendly planet now and for generations to come and to encourage everyone to make choices that promote a cleaner world. Shopping bags, coffee cups, straws, takeaway containers, grocery packaging and toothbrushes – the reams of throwaway plastic that have become the norm for us to habitually use every day come at the cost of our own health and that of Mother Earth.

This month, we want to help you have a plastic clear out which we hope will last well beyond July. Not just to reduce plastic industry pollution, but also to cut out leaching toxins such as PVC, DEHP, Phthalates and dioxins from your body and our rivers, lakes and oceans.

Be good to yourself and the planet

Making eco-conscious and ethical choices as a consumer does not have to replace treating yourself with love, in fact, quite the opposite. Choosing a chemical-free (or at least a chemical-reduced) life and for Plastic Free July and beyond, plastic free too, is the kindest option for you and your loved ones and with so many fantastic brands out there you can do so with incredible alternatives.

Our passion for a more beautiful world, physically, spiritually and mentally, doesn’t stop at natural cleaning products. We implore you to choose ethical fashion, eco-friendly magazines and sustainable design. We promote with every step of the way in our business proceedings eco practice, such as recycling, energy saving and reusables. And we applaud and support anyone who does the same.

Ready to embrace #plasticfreejuly? DO try this at home:

  • Purchase or make your own beeswax wraps or Furoshiki as a vegan alternative
  • Buy plastic free beauty products or try making some of your own!
  • Choose reusable sanitary pants and pads, or go for organic cotton disposables.
  • Bring your own bags when shopping. Better yet, bring your own boxes, bags and wraps for loose deli, butcher and bakery items too and buy produce such as rice and oats in bulk whenever possible.
  • Always bring your own coffee cup for takeaway coffees and skip the plastic straws.

Keep your eyes on the TINCTURE blog through Plastic Free July for lots of great advice on how to live plastic free!