How Chemical-Free Cleaning Improves Family Life

We all lead fast-paced lives, leaving little time to think about the ingredients lurking in our kitchen cupboards. But what if going natural and avoiding chemicals could mean a happier, healthier home? We’d have peace of mind that our family are safe and the ability to literally breathe easier, while still having the spotless, germ-free homes we long to achieve with ease.

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So just how much of an impact can chemical-free cleaning have?

Is it time to ‘go green’?

It’s been over 50 years since the modern day environmental movement first began in America. As time ticks by, the theory of ‘going green’ is one we hear about more and more, so why now? If leading a more natural life is so important, why is this not something we all did years ago?  

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New technology and scientific research has enabled us to discover more about the   damaging effects of climate change. The more we know, the worse it    seems. This   year  we’re learning more about our oceans   and coral bleaching. There has also been a   rise in hurricanes and storms, again due to   global warming. It’s an astonishing pill to swallow, but scientists have confirmed that 95% of global warming is caused by human activity. If we all made some small changes in our life, we could protect our planet for the future. It’s really as simple as that.

Going green can also reduce your energy bills, help the local economy and enable you and your family to lead healthier lifestyles.

Kermit the frog may have once sang a song that suggested being green isn’t easy, but if you take a few baby steps, you can actually do this without even really noticing. Keeping your home and your lifestyle green is something you can gradually transition into becoming the norm.

Toxic Chemicals and ‘Fragrances’ in Household Cleaners

You can start being greener by making eco-conscious decisions when you’re doing simple tasks like the weekly shop.

New scientific research has found that cleaning solutions are one of the worst culprits for releasing harmful, toxic ingredients in the house. Not only are these washed down our drains into our oceans, but they are also polluting our homes when sprayed onto surfaces and into the air.

The government’s Clean Air   Strategy 2018 stated that air   quality is the largest   environmental health risk in the   UK as it can shorten lives and   contribute to chronic illness.   Breathing in these fumes can   cause damage to the lungs and   also irritate our skin.

 Another study carried out by   researchers at the University of   Bergen, Norway found that   breathing-in chemical cleaning   products can be as damaging   as smoking 20 cigarettes a day.

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 Basically we’re all preparing food, bathing and showering   with  toxic chemicals like ammonia around us. You wouldn’t look at a brightly coloured cleaning product as something nice to consume, yet breathing in and touching these ingredients isn’t much different.

Many top brand cleaning supplies found on supermarket shelves label their ingredients with words like ‘fragrance’. Who knows what ingredients lie here, but dibutyl phthalate has been found in many of these fragrance mixes often in glass and floor cleaners. This is known to have damaging effects to the reproductive system, including the sperm count in men.

Using a fragrance-free and chemical-free cleaning product will give you peace of mind that you’re looking after your family’s health as well as starting to think about the long-term effects of the planet.

Real Family Stories – The Damaging Facts of Chemical Cleaners

If chemical cleaners are ingested they can be fatal. For families with small children who always put things in their mouth to explore, the idea doesn’t bear thinking about. Asthma, eczema and allergies are becoming increasingly common conditions in children. With this comes the added worry about what they’re breathing-in and what effects their skin.

chemical cleaning dangers

Just recently we were contacted by Sarah, mother of eight-year-old Rosie who suffers from severe allergies. Sarah hadn’t been able to buy any cleaning products since Rosie was five-months-old when she first discovered they caused her to have a reaction. The mother of one had resorted to cleaning her home with white vinegar, which as we all know doesn’t leave the home smelling the freshest.

Searching high and low for a chemical-free cleaning product which didn’t cause her daughter to have a reaction, she stumbled across TINCTURE’s all purpose, natural, chemical-free cleaning spray. She began using the cleaner in small doses in different rooms across the home and monitored her daughter.   

“I ended up using this spray for a whole week and we had no reactions,” said Sarah.

“I am so grateful as a mother with OCD to be able to effectively clean my home with something other than white vinegar, which frankly smells awful.”

“TINCTURE is the first thing I've been able to purchase for the last 6+ years that doesn't initiate a reaction from my little girl. Thank you, for sticking with what you stand for in your products, it means the world to me and her.”

Sarah and Rosie, Buckinghamshire

Chemical Free Cleaners Kill Germs Too

Some germophobes are firm believers that chemicals are needed to kill germs and stop bacteria spreading across the home. It’s a tricky situation if you have little ones. On the one hand you want to protect them from germs, then on the other, you’re also told that some germs are needed to build the immune system.

Instagram lifestyle blogger @TheRochesterResidence conducted a swab test on her bathroom sink using the Hygiena Systemsure sanitation monitoring system. This is a recording device used by many healthcare services used to record the hyenine of  surfaces and check that they are safe for food preparation or sanitary equipment.

Before using TINCTURE’s chemical-free bathroom cleaner, the sink received a score of 72 – meaning it contained high levels of bacteria. She conducted a further swab test after using the TINCTURE All Purpose natural cleaning solution and the sink then received a high cleanliness score of 1 (1 – 10 is a pass for a germ-free zone and safe enough to prepare food on).

We can’t speak for every chemical-free cleaning solution, particularly homemade ones, but results like these show that TINCTURE’s blend of natural ingredients, essential oils and anti-microbial active silver are fully capable of killing germs.

The Affordable Way to Go Chemical-Free

affordable ways to go green

In recent years going green and the rise of veganism has become mainstream. Look across the supermarket shelves and the ‘all-natural’, ‘no-additives’ products are nearly always the priciest, but savvy consumers are finding you don’t need to break the bank to enjoy a healthier lifestyle….

  • A little goes a long way – gradually cut down your usage of products to make them last longer. A high-quality chemical-free cleaning product like TINCTURE will not require much usage. A tiny cap-full of our Floor Concentrate for example is enough for a whole bucket of water.
  • Look out for refills – whether it’s your shampoo or laundry detergent, refillable products will not only save you money, but also reduce your plastic waste, thus helping the environment too.
  • Stop buying air fresheners and scented candles – with a luxury chemical free cleaner like TINCTURE, your home will have a spa-like scent, so you won’t need to mask odours.

 Chemical-free cleaning can not only improve family life by helping you stay healthy and offering peace of mind, you’re also investing in the long-term goal of protecting the planet. Create a better place for your children, future grandchildren and everyone around you.