5 Eco-Friendly Resolutions that Will Help Save the World!

We’re well and truly into 2020 but it’s not too late to set yourself some good old fashioned new year’s resolutions, with a much-needed eco twist. The contribution we all make to our remarkable planet comes down to so much more than giving up chocolate or vowing to exercise more often – your value and the difference small changes you make personally can (and will) make a huge difference.

But there’s no need to feel overwhelmed with the pressure to ‘do right’ or radically alter your everyday lifestyle. Or, even, to endure something unpleasant for the greater good! Choosing a few eco-friendly new year’s resolutions to adopt into your day-to-day can easily be a joy.

The fastest way to put yourself off a green lifestyle is to force yourself to make drastic or unrealistic changes. If you start of small, gradually you will probably find yourself leaning more and more towards eco-living – not because you should, but because you want to! With these five eco-friendly resolutions that you’re bound to love, you’ll be helping us save the planet in no time at all, and enjoying every second. 

Invest in re-usables

From water bottles to menstrual products and everything in between, the range of reusable items now available to replace single-use plastics is vast. And, as an added bonus, pretty too!

The initial investment when making the switch to reusable can be a tricky one to make, but you’ll soon discover that much of what you stock your home up with will end up saving you money, as well as saving the planet, fast.

We love eco supermarkets wearthlondon.com (where you can also pick up all your favourite TINCTURE PRODUCTS) and peacewiththewild.com for all our gorgeous, reusable needs.

Ditch the harsh chemicals

Every time you flush harsh chemicals down the toilet or allow them to run into your sink, the oceans are being polluted. Every time you use an aerosol deodorant or toxic oven cleaning, the harmful VOCs are filling the air and your lungs.

If there was ever a time to ditch chemicals and choose natural instead, it’s 2020. You can get everything you need (and more) from natural products now. The TINCTURE range provides the perfect example of how a natural product never has to mean less effective, or less luxurious. Try and – you’ll soon be converted.

Extend Veganuary

Many citizens of the world are currently participating in Veganuary – a month where millions of people try out delicious vegan recipes for a short stint to help alleviate some of the strain the agricultural industry puts on the planet.

If you’ve given Veganuary a whirl, you’ve probably have already discovered that there are plenty of vegan recipes that are downright delicious and satisfying – even for the more carnivorous people out there. If not, it’s not too late too start. And now January is over, why not continue cutting out or cutting down on meat and animal products? Even choosing vegan meals once or twice a week can make a big difference. 

Enjoy sustainable fashion

The fashion industry is one which often slips under the radar when it comes to figuring out where the heftiest source of damage is coming from. But just a little research into the polluting output, not to mention the unthinkable conditions many workers are put under, reveals some dark truths.

‘Fast fashion’ has become a serious problem, so a great eco-friendly new years resolution is to opt for sustainable fashion choices whenever possible. This might be buying organic cotton clothing, handmade items or from brands who pride themselves in being ethical. Or, another fantastic option is hunting for treasure in charity shops, second hand shops and online shopping sites such as eBay. You can find some real gems for a fraction of the price and help diminish issues produced by the fast fashion industry.

Go organic

In the UK, organic always means: fewer pesticides, no artificial colours & preservatives, the highest standards of animal welfare, no routine use of antibiotics and GM free produce.

Using and then talking about great organic brands to friends and family or on social media is all the world needs to see that there are amazing alternatives out there and this is what will put pressure on more companies to start creating environmentally friendly and health-conscious wares. Be sure to ask for organic in your local supermarkets too - you’d be amazed at how much one voice can change.