Enhance your wellbeing with the 100% natural, vegan-friendly home cleaning collection from TINCTURE

The potential benefits of a vegan diet are well documented, and devotees suggest that adopting the vegan lifestyle may even have a more positive impact on the environment than giving up your car.  

As we increasingly think long and hard about the impact of the food we eat, how many of us consider the effect of the products we’re using daily in our homes?

Cleaning brands can claim to ‘be natural’, but when you look closer you discover they contain hidden toxins that are damaging our health and the environment. The ‘natural’ washing up liquid we use to wash our plates after a Vegan feast may be doing serious toxic damage to marine wildlife.

TINCTURE is the only 100% natural collection of sustainable, bio-degradable, vegan*, and 100% cruelty free cleaning and lifestyle products available in the UK.

Made in England, every product contains a blend of essential oils, botanical extracts and active silver that deliver maximum cleaning results without pumping chemical toxins back out into the environment.

In addition to toxin-free formulations, all TINCTURE packaging is fully recyclable and incorporates anti-microbial silver technology. TINCTURE is the first brand to use anti-bacterial silver in its cleaning formulations and also in its actual bottles, which ensures they don’t gather bacteria.

When researching her TINCTURE range, founder, Angelika, made the shocking discovery that the air in a typical home, school or work place is on average 2-5 times more polluted than the air directly outside**. The main contributor to this air pollution is the volatile chemical compounds released whenever a chemical-based household product is used.

In 2019 TINCTURE is also set to launch refillable glass bottles to minimise environmental impact still further.

All TINCTURE products are free from Palm Oil, Bisphenola, Phthalates, Parabens, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), Benzyl Alcohol

* Expect furniture cleaner which contains sustainably sourced bees wax

**US and UK Environmental Protection Agency


TINCTURE Collection:

All Purpose TINCTURE; 475ml RRP £4.99

Washing Up TINCTURE; 475ml RRP £4.99

Bathroom TINCTURE; 475ml RRP £4.99

Glass and Mirror TINCTURE; 475ml RRP £4.99

Daily Floor TINCTURE; 475ml RRP £4.99

Floor Concentrate TINCTURE; 475ml RRP £6.99

Furniture TINCTURE; 475ml RRP £7.99

Handlotion TINCTURE; 250ml RRP £20

Handwash TINCTURE; 250ml RRP £15

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